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Crops for the Diabetes Garden

Plant healthy and easy-to-grow crops in your garden to make healthy eating both healthy and rewarding.

We all know healthy eating is important for the health of those with diabetes. The best place to find that healthy food is in a garden. The crops are organic, healthy, and extra tasty. Also, you get some good exercise and vitamin D as you get your hands dirty in the rich soil. It's an absolutely fantastic way to be healthy.

Which foods are the best

Beans, tomatoes, milk, yogurt, whole grains, nuts, berries, and dark leafy greens are perhaps the best things that you can eat to remain healthy and control your blood sugar.

We can narrow down the ones you can produce in your own garden. For example, unless you have your own dairy cows, milk and yogurt are probably not an option. Nuts, as well, be a problem as they can be finicky and water-intensive.

What remains are some of the best options: tomatoes, berries, and those fantastic dark leafy greens. Let's give these great foods a shout-out for what they can do.

Let's recognize the awesome power of these superfoods

Dark leafy greens: packed full of vitamins and minerals with very little carbohydrates . . . a perfect food.

Berries: antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber. There are very few things better than a handful of freshly grown raspberries of the cane. It's an incredible way to be healthy.

Tomatoes: Vitamin C, E, and Potassium. Cooked, pureed, or picked right from the source, they are can be used in so many ways.

You can grow these

Fortunately, you can grow each of these. In most growing zones, there are varieties of each that you can grow. For example, Spinach is a cool weather variety that loves some cool nights.

Many berries, such as raspberries, can handle both heat and cold. From zones 3 to 9 you can grow these tasty treats.

Tomatoes are the ultimate garden heroes. So many varieties to choose from, they grow well and thrive in most climates.

You can do it

Take some time to grow a garden, and in even a small space, you can produce a nice little crop of your own.

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