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Those with Diabetes Could Us a Sensory Garden

A great way to live a more healthy life and lower that A1C is to get out and garden

A sensory garden can improve the health of those with Diabetes in a variety of ways.

Get some exercise

Getting adequate exercise is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. Exercise keeps the body working to its full potential and can keep the blood sugar at the ideal level.

Gardening is a great form of exercise. It works about all major muscle groups, increases flexibility, and gets the heart pumping a bit faster.

Get some Vitamin D

Another reason for those with Diabetes to get out and garden is that they can get some much-needed vitamin D. Many (if not most) of us don't get a sufficient amount of vitamin D. Good old vitamin comes with the aid of the sun, and, unless we spend some time in it, our body may be deficient.

Get some healthy food

What could be better for you than some organically grown food straight from your garden? Vegetables, fruits, and herbs are wonderful for staying healthy and keeping that blood sugar where it needs to be. Being close to that good food, which you had a chance to nurture from start to product, somehow makes it taste even better.

Get some relaxation

Stress is bad for health. Regardless of the person or the underlying health issues, stress can be a killer. Spending time with your hands in the soil or just sitting and watching the pollinators do their thing slows the heart rate.

Get some gratitude

Being grateful for your life, for others, and the world in which you live can do amazing things for your health. Being a part of nature and understanding your place in it gives perspective. We like to complain. Somehow, however, watching flowers sway in the wind and seeing a hummingbird hover in front of you trying to figure you out makes it difficult to be grumpy.

Get a sensory garden and get your senses engaged if you have Diabetes. Life with be healthier and more enriching because of it.

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