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Create a Sensory Garden for Intimacy

A big part of your health and wellness can start in the bedroom. If you create a secluded garden immersed in smells that arouse, you may find it to be a place that you want to share with your partner -- alone.

Sex can make you healthy

Every person is unique, and every person will find physical, mental, and spiritual health in their own way. Many people find that time with their partner makes them feel healthier. A great sex life makes for a healthier heart.

Sex can also help to maintain a proper amount of estrogen and testosterone levels. If you develop an imbalance of these, you may be more prone to heart disease and osteoporosis.

Making the garden an inviting place to spend together will strengthen your relationship and may lead to more intimate interactions.

What works in the garden

There is not a lot of definitive research about aphrodisiacs. However, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence and personal experience to give you an indication of which fragrance seems to stimulate you and your partner.

Smells both sexes seem to enjoy

One aroma that seems to get both men and women in the mood is lavender. You can add lavender smell to your garden by adding, well, lavender plants. Feel free to take a lavender leaf as you go by and rub it against your wrist or some other location where your partner will get a whiff.

Both sexes also seem to agree that the scent of licorice creates a powerful array of emotions. Adding fennel and hyssop is how to get these scents in your garden.

A women's heart -- and body

As we know, one way to a woman's heart is chocolate. So, not surprisingly, including plants that have a strong chocolate smell can increase the mood. Some examples include peppermint, geranium, chocolate scented clematis, or chocolate flowers, which are also very drought resistant.

Men like this

Men seem to enjoy plants with cinnamon smells. Adding some cinnamon basil or sweet flag will circulate a common scent in your garden. Scented geraniums and primrose may also give a hint of cinnamon in the garden.

For the older couple

Older couples tend to have a preference for vanilla. Wisteria, clematis, ponderosa pine, forsythia, dried sweet woodruff, wallflower, and oleander all provide this scent.

Men, when in doubt, surround your partner in roses

Just being in the presence of strong aromas is enough for your partner to be more receptive to your advances. Roses smell strong, light, and sweet, and some time in a rose garden may make for some special memories together.

It's up to you

Make your sensory garden an immersive experience of sensual aromas. Design a secluded place where you can both "relax" together, and enjoy all that nature can offer. Your heart will thank you for it.

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