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Horticultural Therapy and the Sensory Garden

You can participate in healing therapy and help others with the simple act of gardening.

What is horticultural therapy?

Horticultural therapy is the term used to describe how immersing oneself in gardening can be a healing activity. There are, in fact, people who are horticultural therapists who help those who struggle with depression, anxiety, addiction, and other conditions improve their well-being through gardening.

One of the great advantages of this type of therapy is that it relies on a natural healing process. Many studies have shown that having an intimate connection with nature can lead to better physical, mental, and spiritual wellness.

Gardening can lower blood pressure, decrease heart rates, reduce stress, and regular hormone levels. In fact, studies show that those who interact with nature on a regular basis live longer, happier lives.

You don't need a degree to enjoy horticultural therapy

Horticultural therapy ultimately involves doing what makes so many of us happy. Digging in the dirt, smelling the aromas, and watching the bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds do their thing. You don't need a degree to participate in this healing process.

One key to success in horticultural therapy is to make gardening more accessible to those who need it the most. For example, for those who can't bend over you can bring the garden to them with elevated boxes.

Plant a sensory garden that involves all the senses. Invite others to participate and you will soon have a place of healing much more intimate than any therapy under artificial fluorescent lighting.

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