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What is a fedge?

If you need a barrier such as a fence, consider marrying it with some plants to make a strong and showy wall.

This "Fedge" combines a sturdy rustic wood fence with a beautiful hedge plant.

A good hedge offers many benefits. A hedge can act as a windbreaker, sound bufferer, pollen and pollution filter, privacy barriers, security fence, and animal shelter. Creating a hedge along an established fence creates something sturdy on which growing plants can support themselves.

You can make a low cost hedge with some simple posts, fence material such as wire netting, and some hedging plants.

The best plants for your fedge" depend on what time of barrier you want and your climate. If you wish to have an evergreen hedge for year-round protection, those with soft and flexible leaves may work best. Deciduous plants have the benefit of flowers and other characteristics that may add a greater variety of sensory experiences than an evergreen alone.

A good fedge can work in any garden. It may especially be helpful in designing a family-friendly garden where sturdy barriers are essential.

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