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Match Your Structures with Your Sensory Garden Style

Design your garden to cohesively work with your house or others structures to provide a unified feel.

Your garden is a refuge, make a peaceful one

Generally, when people visit your sensory garden, they should be able to sit, look around, and feel a sense of order and completion. Many of the people who benefit the most from gardens are those who are currently suffering. These sufferings could be physical, mental, or spiritual.

Regardless of the reason, though, healing starts with serenity and peace. For that reason, you want your garden to be inviting and ordered, so that people can relax. Just like a clean house can feel peaceful, so can a garden.

You can choose any garden style and make it work

However, don't think that means you have to feel constrained in the garden style of your choice. A modern home can work with a Mediterranean garden. A country home can have a formal garden. In fact, if done properly, the unexpected combination may bring inspiration to the uninspired.

Nevertheless, whichever garden style you choose, it should feel like it belongs with the surrounding structures, like your house. You don't want to have a feeling of conflict between multiple styles.

Find ways to meld the house (or other structure) and the garden

Take some time to really assess the established structures and hardscape that will be incorporated into your garden. Is there a color scheme that can or will not be changed? If so, try to match it in the garden. If there is a style of brick used with a home, can you add some elements that could unify the garden and the home? For example, perhaps a nice paver pathway with matching bricks will be all it takes.

Think about focal points

Also, consider focal points. You don't want it to feel like a house and garden are competing for attention. Where do you want visitors to your garden to focus their attention? Sometimes, less can be more when working to magnify the salience of a structure.

Go with it

Whatever you decide for your garden design, make it yours. You can make any combination of structures and gardens work as long as you find a way to unify them. Be creative and have fun.

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