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For creating memories and happy kids, a family garden is your best bet

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Creating a family sensory garden for everyone to enjoy

Few things have greater long term benefits than spending quality time with those you love and trust.

A well-designed sensory garden with the whole family in mind encourages positive interactions, which help to create long-term benefits such as resiliency, happiness, and valuable memories in nature.

Harvard University has identified some key types of play vital for a child's development. These include social play, independent play, and guided play. The first step to getting kids to play outside is by creating an inviting place to do so. What better place than a beautiful garden that engages all the senses.

Tips for creating a family garden include the following:

  • An open area to encourage movement

  • A specific play area location with swings, slides, or other equipment

  • Something for everybody. Try to give everybody a reason to come outside

  • A tasting garden area for nibbling outside

  • A place to secure garden tools, etc.

  • A self-contained fountain or other water feature that provides pleasant sounds while still ensuring safety

  • A variety of safe plants with which children can interact

  • A view by which children could be seen at all times

A simple garden fountain will entice students to the garden.

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