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An Overview of Traditional Garden Styles

Choosing a style that fits your needs is an important start to creating the garden of your dreams. Creating a good sensory garden environment where people want to be is an important step towards improving health. Traditional gardens can provide those benefits.

Traditional garden styles include French Country, American Colonial, and English Tudor.

A rectilinear structure to the garden

Traditional gardens have an old-world feel to them. Part of that feeling is a deliberately designed garden where order and structure are important. Rather than curved and meandering edges, you enjoy rectilinear groupings, terraces, and hedges.


An important aspect of the traditional garden is that plantings are grouped together. Hedges are important. A hedge of red, white, or pink roses is a classic fit in a traditional garden. Roses tend to take center stage, so while you're at it consider some rose-covered gazebos, rose-covered trellises, or rose-covered gazebos. Hedged boxwood is often an important element of structure to the garden as well. Fruit trees and topiary can have a special place in this garden as well.

The open space

Traditional gardens also tend to have an open shape in the middle. This shape is often a lawn, but it can include other relatively low-lying elements as well.


If you need to include terraces, you have many options. For example, brick, crushed granite, paving, or flagstone can add a country look.

Walls look great to make from brick, ledge stone, or plaster covered with another material to make it look structural sound and finished.

Adding character to the traditional sensory garden

You can't forget to add focal points to the garden. A fountain, cast iron art, or other elements are likely to give the garden a welcoming and relaxing feel, which goes far to help those who suffer from anxiety and stress-exacerbated diseases and conditions.

Give people a place to sit

Fireplaces create an inviting atmosphere. Large pots, topiaries, teak tables and chairs, weathervanes, and bronze or cast-iron fountain, and a meditating bench, all give the visitor a reason to stay.

A wonderful option

A traditional sensory garden design is welcoming and can do a lot to promote wellness. It is colorful, aromatic, and inviting in a familiar way. This is one great garden style option to consider as you search for your perfect sensory garden.

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