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The Danger of Essential Oils

Essential oils can be dangerous if not diluted. Consider an actually sensory garden instead.

Plants product fragrances for a variety of reasons. Sometimes they want to attract creatures, while other times they want to scare them away. We have learned to distill these fragrances into oils that are sold extensively on the market. However, if they are not used carefully, they can do more harm than good.

Some essential oils that you can purchase on the market are pure while others have diluents and extenders, which are compounds meant to act similarly to the real thing, but are metabolized differently. Regardless of what is exactly in the bottle, it is concentrated to a degree that it can cause considerable harm if not used properly. Our bodies are not meant to handle these concentrated doses and they should at least be diluted in cream, etc.

In contrast to using concentrated (and often artificial) aromas, consider an actual garden with actual plants. Nothing in a bottle is going to smell or feel as good as the real thing. Walking through a garden, leaning down, and feeling a lavender plant between your fingers can do so much more to relax you and boost your mood than a similar essential oil. Feel free to take off a piece and rub it between your hands and on your wrists. You may be amazed at how relaxed you feel and how it boosts your mood. Likewise, do the same with rosemary and you will feel rejuvenated and alive. Whenever possible, natures natural remedy is the best way to go.

While some essential oils can be beneficial if used appropriately, if you can manage to grow the same thing, you should probably consider a sensory garden first.

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